About the artist

Kaitlin Howell is a mixed-media artist. From fine arts to crafting to digital doodling, she enjoys working with any medium, often using found and recycled objects in nature.

She received her BFA in Fine Arts Practice from Cal State East Bay in 2013, 

and this is really the only time or place that she can boast about it.

Like many artists during quarantine, Kaitlin had the perfect amount of time on her hands, a surplus of art supplies, and no excuses to finally create the things she had always wanted to. Thus, Little Wickeds was born.

Composed of inspirations from artists she loves and admires, poetry, clothing and décor of eras past, floriography, oddities, strange collectibles, & the weird world she imagines in her head, Little Wickeds comes to life. Kaitlin creates things she would want to adorn her home with: odd characters, bone-filled cloches, garden embellishments, and dried flowers everywhere.